Books By Jean Roach

  • Get Ready for a Great Second Half

    12 Life Lessons For Women

    Get Ready for a Great Second Half, is a collection of short stories from Jean’s life that teach life lessons relating to our lives as we grow older.  Jean takes little moments of her life and shows how God came into those moments and taught her these 12 life lessons.  Bishop Felipe Estevez of Saint Augustine, FL wrote the Foreward and Bishop Robert Baker of Birmingham, AL wrote the review on the back cover endorsing her writing inspiring all of us to grow closer to Christ as we move into the second half of our lives.


  • Live Your Inheritance

    12 Life Lessons From my Father

    Jean uses her storytelling gifts to share with you 12 of the stories about her relationship with her father. She takes those stories and uses them to demonstrate how God, our heavenly Father, relates to us. This book endorsed by two bishops will give you encouragement and insight into your own inheritance as a child of God.


  • If You Could See What I See


    Another great book of meditations by Jean Roach and a moving memoir of mother-son interactions by Jean with her son Scott! Scott lives on in this moving tribute to his memory, If You Could See What I See.

  • Every mother/father will treasure even more moments with a son or daughter and be grateful for whatever time God gives to deepen that relationship after reading this precious account of Scott’s life by his loving mother.Bishop Robert J. Baker
    Bishop of Birmingham, Alabama




  • Seeds of Revelation


  • Jean Roach once again shares powerful meditations for her readers in her latest inspirational book “Seeds of Revelation.” I heartily endorse this latest book to help people of all walks of life and all creeds to find their way closer to God in service of His people. Especially I commend her chapter on “Prison Ministry” and on her apostolate to those people confined behind bars and trying to find their way to reconciliation and peace. Jean’s book will be a help to them too.One person I have been writing to for almost forty years, since my days at St. Augustine’s in Gainesville, “Eddie,” once on Death Row, now serving a life sentence, told me in a recent letter that “we have groups of men here who pray together every day and discuss Scriptures. We focus on how we should live and treat each other.” How helpful “Seeds of Revelation” would be to people like Eddie and his friends—and all the previous books of this great spiritual writer, Jean Roach.


    Most Rev. Robert J. Baker, S.T.D.

    Bishop of Birmigham, Alabama




  1. June Cotner

    Hi Jean, Are you the same “Jean Roach” who was published in my anthology, FOREVER IN LOVE? Andrews McMeel is republishing the book in a beautiful small-format edition. If you wrote “Transforming Love,” I would appreciate receiving all updated contact info so I can mail you a book when it is published in 2015. Also, I’m currently reviewing the page proofs. For the P & A section, would you like me to list your website, Just want to make sure you’re the same person! Thanks! ~ June Cotner

    1. Jean Roach

      Hi June,

      Yes I am the same Jean Roach who wrote Transforming Love. Thank you for that book. I give one to every bride who invites me to her wedding.

      I would love any suggestions you may have.

      I would like to use the poem in a book I am writing. Is that all right with you?

      Thank you for getting in touch.

      Jean Roach

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