About Jean

Jean Roach has been writing stories of God working in her daily life for the past thirty-five years helping others to know God more intimately. She now has enough publications to put them together into categories. Live Your Inheritance! is the first in her series. Jean has been in the Charismatic Renewal since 1974. She has led an Intercessory Prayer Group for twenty-five years. Her home is in Gainesville, Florida, where she serves on the Pastoral Team of People of Praise and is Grandma to Max, Alex, Ace, Nick, and Lola.


  1. Frances Kirkpatrick

    Nancy gave me your book and I LOVE it. You have always been a gifted writer and I am so pleased that you are now a published writer.
    I can vividly remember you saying to our customers, “I am Jean Roach and I wrote this story” as you gave them one of your precious stories. I have a small folder with many of them which I will always cherish.
    You are truly a sweet spirit filled lady who never ages!

  2. Sandy Drexler

    Hi Jeanie,

    I am in NJ reading about you on the internet. How wonderful. I sure do miss you and what you had to say ..especially your talks.

    Much love,

  3. Frances Kirkpatrick

    Jeannie, your new book is wonderful. I love, love, love it. I don’t know which story I love the most. ” New Food” has to be among the top. You are such a blessing to all who know you.
    Thank you for sharing your stories.
    Love, Frances

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